Nature Made Medicine, Not Man! The Health Ranger Addresses Ancient Cures

The ancient Egyptians used herbs and drugs to treat disease and kept very meticulous notes for specialty cures and methods that worked, time and time again. This is proof of medicine far beyond what the FDA brings to the table today, which is usually false tests, no match experimentation, twisted summaries, altered lab results for payoffs from Big Pharma, and “independent lab research” to refute real research which is done first to show the harm, side effects, comas and deaths that result from the careless reign of Big Medicine.

We’re talking now about the Fathers of Medicine in Ancient Egypt that recorded maladies and treatments, and had physicians, real ones, to rely on for results and feedback from not only citizens, but Emporors and Pharoahs.

The scarcity of references to cancer in their scrolls confirms the rarity of it, and goes to show that the American Industrial Revolution created the epidemic of it, with processed food, pollution, toxic tap water, and chemotherapy.

Along with Egyptian medicine, the Health Ranger Mike Adams covers Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Tibetan medicine, Western herbalism, American Indian medicine (with all its variations), rainforest herbs, Amazonian medicine, Australian aboriginal medicine, Hawaiian / Pacific islands medicine, and more.

Australian aboriginal medicine, for example, is based on the numerous desert plants native to the Australian continent. Tibetan medicine is based on the medicinally-potent plants that grow in the harsh, high-altitude environments of Tibet. And Amazonian medicine is based on the abundant biodiversity of natural medicine found in rainforest botanicals.

Realize that every system of medicine has a treatment for breast cancer.

In the Amazon rainforest, such treatments might include the Una de Gato herb (also known in Western herbalism as “Cat’s Claw” and widely used as a potent anti-cancer medicine). In the regions we now know as the American Southwest and Mexico, treatments for cancer utilize tea made from Chaparral bush leaves (also known in modern times as the “creosote” bush, from which leaf oils were extracted in order to coat railroad ties). Do some homework yourself on Natural News. Go to the site and put in your request in the search box at the top right. Just type in key words or countries you heard have a cure for something, or a treatment that doesn’t just suppress symptoms, but addresses the root of the problem!! You will find recipes of various medicinal herbs that strengthen and support the body’s innate anti-cancer protection mechanisms.


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