Natural News Inside Story: Fake Medicine and the Wrong Choice of Supplements

When will people stop wasting bucks on petty, synthetic vitamins just to get rid of hypertension, stress and allergies? No matter how well they are packaged and befitted in every pharmacy from China to Peru, fake medicine and the wrong choice of supplements can be harmful for you. Word of mouth is just more than enough to market a particular brand of vitamin. Reputation of one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, has gone down along with the distribution of Centrum vitamins which is not worth getting in grocers and mini stores. Even the children are scapegoats of over-marketed vitamins nowadays. Red #40, Blue #2, Yellow #6 and neurotoxin are poisoning their healthy lifestyle which is an absolute bad move by parents and a growing segment of doctors.

Now, when we think of choosing vitamins to cure our malicious diseases, every time we face a catch 22 situation in matters of hitting the right one!  At times, the taste may traumatize or ingredients may interfere and marketing gimmicks may murder your senses!

Doctors prescribe vitamins with calculated risks instigated by marketing and influence of MRs. The coast will be seen a bit clearer if we follow some precautions. The term ‘other ingredients’ should act like a warning signal as it has all the chances of including carnauba wax, methylcellulose, silicon or titanium dioxide, talc, animal parts, dyes and more ingredients that are detrimental to our health. Choosing vitamins based on quantity over quality is nothing but putting ourselves in a dicey situation.

What can be filthier than using things like petroleum products, coal tar, stones, metals, animal byproducts for curing human malnutrition? Marketing and advertisement might not throw you into safe hands all the time. Now, what to do to ride out the storm? Nothing much, a smart reading of ingredients before buying, a thorough knowledge of proper supplements and more intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and water in the normal diet. And you’re almost set to fight it out on your own!

What the ultimate nutrients, beyond just supplementing with a multi? The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, has the answer!

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