Vaccines for the Flu are a Big “NO” – Bring home Detox and Superfood to strengthen your defense systems!

Let’s get this straight – you get your child vaccinated to save them from the flu, but you’re unknowingly pushing them into a high risk zone where they can contract the flu more easily than unvaccinated children. Yes, you heard that right. Vaccines will triple the chances of your child needing hospitalization, thanks to the generous amount of mercury that has been included in the so called ‘life-saving’ vaccines!

25 micrograms of mercury has been fixed by the EPA as maximum permissible level in vaccines. But, wait a minute. That’s not for kids below 14 years of age. That’s meant for full grown males of 550 pounds, not for kids, let alone babies. From this, you can get an idea about how much mercury gets inside your kids with two shots. Now, think for yourself – is this what you wanted for your child – vaccines laden with chemicals and food infected with GMO virus or bacteria?

Here’s more. While the Institute of Medicine has advised against the usage of thimerosal (mercury containing) vaccines for pregnant women, infants and children, the CDC was informed otherwise by Dr. Jay Liberman, consultant and speaker for the trio of vaccine makers – Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sanofi-Pasteur. Of course, his studies are quite clearly corporate funded and they blatantly refuse to look into the fact-based research that has proven the poisonous nature of these mercury laden vaccines.

Furthermore, this vaccine also has the capability of causing narcolepsy in children and increased chances of Alzheimer’s disease among people aged 55 and over, according to several researches carried out. Though the vaccines are not fatal, they can be the cause of neurological disorders in 98.5 percent of adults – according to a study published in The Lancet.

So, how are you supposed to detoxify yourself and your children if the damage has already been done? It’s simple. Detox and Superfood from the Natural News Store will help in reviving the body and purifying the blood from the harmful effects of mercury. Looking at the state of things now, vaccines can no longer be trusted to fortify your body from diseases. These products made from a hundred percent organic ingredients are the only solution to get out of this distressing situation.



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