Adjusting back to normal life: Worried about chemical PTSD treatments and their side effects? Try this:


PTSD curable by healing touch and guided imagery, study confirms

Worried about PTSD treatment and its side effects? Here’s some good news for the military who have been out there in the battlefield to defend America’s causes in face of combat and bloodshed. Now they can get treated with the help of a non-invasive, non-toxic method which has no side effects at all and has proven success records among the users. A combined usage of healing touch and guided imagery has been deemed extremely successful and effective in causing ‘dramatic clinical reductions in post-traumatic stress disorder.’

Adjusting back to normal life

Considering the fact that PTSD is the Pentagon’s top priority, this treatment method has been recommended as it not only helps the person in adjusting back to normal life but also does that without harming the body in any way. This is definitely a much better option if compared to the toxic pharmaceuticals that the military treatments usually include.

According to a recently conducted study, healing touch has been claimed as being effective to the maximum extent. This is just scientific proof of the Health Ranger’s claims which are based on pure organic healing methods.

Strong and effective healing method

The fact is that the nation’s troops have faced two wars which have lasted for quite a long time. As a result, the military personnel had to be sent back again and again causing extremely serious cases of PTSD. In face of this, they need a strong and effective healing method which will not only help them in dealing with pain but also give them back their mental strength in tackling the after effects of prolonged combat.

According to Scripps Health, treatments inclusive of healing touch, “decrease anxiety and elicit relaxation…” On the other hand, guided imagery is a way of ‘utilizing the imagination to help a person reduce stress, decrease pain and enhance overall well-being through visual assistance.’

The study has verified that a combined treatment of HT + GI resulted in assured improvements in their quality of life and assisted them in getting out of their states of depression and cynicism.



Give Holistic a Try!

Strong and effective healing method

Healing touch and guided imagery

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Strong and effective healing method

Healing touch and guided imagery

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