Natural News Blogs taking off! Mike Adams writes article giving thanks

Mike Adams writes article on Thanksgiving dedicated to us!

“This time of year, I often write about the things for which I’m thankful. This  year, the overriding object of my gratitude is none other than the  fast-expanding numbers of Natural News  readers and advocates who share our news with others.

Beyond the millions  of monthly readers who visit, we also have dozens of top blog  sites and news sites that link to our headlines”

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Top 10 Natural News blog sites / fan sites

Here’s the list of the top 10  blog sites and fan sites currently covering Natural News. These are created by  Natural News contributing writers and fans, and they run the gamut of  interesting information. For the record, I don’t endorse every single thing  you’ll find on these blogs, but for the most part they are aligned with the  Natural News mission of truth-telling, education and empowerment of the  People.
If you find any of these interesting, link to them from your own  site! Or start your own Natural News blog site and we may link to  you!
Health Ranger Update: Here is  where you find the truth about nature’s remedies
This blog site is  dedicated to keeping up with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and reporting on the  myths he dispels about Big Pharma, Big Government, the Feds, the scams, the  hoaxes, Conventional Medicine fraud, fake medicine, the history of medicine, and  much more.
Natural News Global: The Global  Remedy Investigator questioning everything that’s not 100% organic
This  blog site delivers news from a global perspective, pulling from professional  articles on matters of health from around the world. Natural News Global looks  back at history, at present-day issues and organic cures, and looks forward at  the future of health. The “global” blog reaches out to indigenous cultures and  examines how the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, uses this knowledge and insight to  add to his ever-evolving “encyclopedia of knowledge.”
Natural  News Tracker: Destroy the Myths! Reveal the Truth for Health  Enthusiasts!
This blog site focuses directly on the myths busted by Mike  Adams! What are the biggest lies that Big Food and Big Medicine lay upon us?  Which organizations and regulatory agencies are fraudulant and why? How can you  protect yourself and find the truth? Natural News Tracker expounds on topics  covered on Natural News by the Health Ranger and his cast of  reporters/journalists.
Natural  News Blog: The Health Ranger gets the scoop on Natural News from around the  World
How do you survive the twenty first century’s influx of toxic  products and toxic medicine? How do you prepare for disasters, whether planned  or natural? What are your  purchase habits and how can you change them to purchase only that which is  necessary for survival and “surthrival?”
Walk blindly out into this  world, especially the Western world of toxic food and medicine, and you will  fall down, flat on your face. But walk out into this nutritional world with  knowledge, vision, hope, and a plan, and you can experience unlimited potential,  unlimited opportunity, and a healthy life with which to make the most of it  all.
That’s what’s covered on Natural News Blog! 5.
Natural News Connection:  The On-line Health Information Highway
Big news hits at the speed of  light. How do you get your news: on the tv where they tell you lies, or in the  newspaper where they tell you more lies? How about getting your daily health news on line, from the blog that  covers the best stories on the Natural News front, the inside stories about  world health and events which can affect you today and tomorrow! It’s not just a  blog, it’s the connection to the health information highway, and the one that  reports the truth, not what keeps Big Pharma profitable.
Natural  News Watch: Tracking Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger” and Editor of Natural  News
Someone has to keep a close eye on this pioneer of reporting the  living truth of natural news and holistic remedies. Mike Adams has been at it  for over a decade, with an on line news site with over five million followers.  How does he do it? How does he write thousands and thousands of words every week  that expose the core truth about health and wellness? What makes him tick?  Natural News Watch knows! Get the inside scoop by following this blog site about  the one and only Health Ranger, Mike Adams.
Natural  News Blog: Exposing the evils of food science and  bio-technology!
What exactly does genetically modified mean? Why is  biotechnology bad and who is Monsanto? Does it matter if you have health  insurance if they don’t tell you how to prevent and cure cancer? Natural News  Blog follows the new ways the United States Big Food and Big Agriculture  industries are making food more and more toxic every day, and disguising it all  with nifty tag lines and slogans saying just the opposite! How will you know  what food is really organic and what food is GMO? Follow Natural News Blog to  find out.
Natural News Tracker on  Flickr: World War III: Poison versus Nutrition
Have you heard about  World War III? It’s already under way! Will you live a healthy life past 100  years, or will you die early and unnecessarily of one of the four big  preventable diseases? Natural News Tracker is on flickr and sharing photographs  and videos that speak a thousand words, literally and figuratively. Check out  these most intriguing snapshots from around the world, and read the captions and  descriptions which delve into toxic food and organic food differences. This is  must-know information and the most entertaining way to get it.
Natural  News Shocker: The Most Shocking Health Discoveries from around the  World!
Who would have thought most of modern medicine causes disease  instead of curing it? How is it even legal? Most of Western Medicine is based on  treating chemically induced disease with more chemicals, adding to your list of  problems a whole stack of insane side effects — sometimes even feelings of  suicide and death itself. What are you doing to protect yourself from toxic  medicine? Do you know the history? The current bad medicine might be in your  home and body right now. Get the inside scoop on current bad medicine and food,  and learn about the past 100 years of  shockingly “bad medicine” in the  USA.
Natural News Radar: Shocking  Discoveries on the Radar of Natural News
So you’ve heard of radar to  detect enemy aircraft and ships with weapons, or radar that detects the movement  of plutonium for nuclear arsenals, but what are those little “blips” showing up  on the Health Ranger’s radar? What’s the buzz? What’s all the fuss about? Could  those little news radar “blips” be exactly what you need to know about that’s  coming your way, that’s invading your life, your health, your refrigerator, your  pantry?
Why does the USA seem to have so many preventable diseases? Why  does the pharmaceutical industry as a whole make things worse? Mike Adams of  Natural News knows why, and the Natural News Radar blog is tracking his movement  across the industry and behind the scenes.
Learn more:

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