Government restricts the cultivation of hemp to serve big corporations

weed is hempNatural remedies for diseases have always been neglected and kept suppressed by big pharmaceutical companies; sometimes through force and sometimes through false propaganda. The government has also failed to act in order to safeguard the interest of the pharmaceutical companies. The latest addition to the long list of deception is the cultivation of hemp. Natural News reports that this particular plant can prove to be a perfect solution for the fuel problems in the future. This is acting contrary to the interest of the oil companies who earn billions every year by selling transport fuel all over the world.

The Research Foundation has recently published a report where it has stated that the ban on hemp cultivation in the U.S. is hampering the growth of an important crop. Hemp can be used as a substitute for a lot of materials of daily use including cotton, polyester and even some building materials. Moreover, hemp is much more rigid, durable and easier to cultivate as these plants are naturally resistant to pests and diseases. But the governments seem to be aloof to the advantage that these plants can provide because they have a nobler task of safeguarding the interest of multinational corporations.

The decriminalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado is giving rise to vehement controversies. Many top officials in the federal government cannot just withstand the two states’ measure to legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana among adults. Some are even opining that they will take necessary steps to make sure that marijuana stays illegal throughout the country. The Narcotics Control Board, a part of the United Nations is also pressing the federal government to take legal actions against Washington and Colorado as  retaliation of the decision to decriminalize marijuana, reports Natural News.



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