Mike Adams says control your “bad food” urges during the holidays; don’t eat like an animal!

holiday petsCan you “binge” for the holidays and expect your body to simply “purge” the chemicals? Maybe you should plan ahead how to eat strategically.

A Natural News inside “scoop” for your dessert treat every day this holiday season.

Most of us go off the rails a little bit during the holidays, but what rails are those, because they’re different for each person. Where are your “rails”? Do you set up standards for yourself and strategies for dealing with urges? With politeness at a party or at the movie theatre? Popcorn, coke, cake, ice cream, colorful cookies, beer, wine, liquor, liquor filled chocolates, where do YOU draw the line, and what line is that?

Most of us go off the rails (reasonable nutrition standard), a little or a lot …

So why do we do it?

Many – perhaps most – poor dietary choices stem from an inability to resist cravings. How can you be strategic about eating during the holidays? About drinking alcohol?  http://www.marksdailyapple.com/8-reasons-why-you-act-against-your-own-better-judgment/#ixzz2FK4vGjtu

“Be strategic about what you’ll allow. Have a little bit”, says New York-based fitness instructor Danielle Hopkins.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038366_holiday_fitness_Christmas.html#ixzz2FK4HNnwG


What’s the worst holiday treat “poison?” Which foods are loaded with fake food, synthetic chem.-lab ingredients? What food is GMO, genetically mutated?!


Do some research with these helpful links and make sure your “rails” are monitored by YOU, because, trust me, nobody is going to tell you NOT to take a piece of pie or a drink out of their fridge during the holidays. Be careful this season, and don’t ruin what’s good in your body. Live smart and eat responsibly, because 2013 should be full of creative, loving intelligence and good health for you and your family.



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