Americans are plagued by vaccines containing aluminum

chemical brain

Vaccination programs have been wide spread along the length and breadth of the country but have yielded almost no result at the cost of millions of dollars. Natural News had previously revealed that those diseases that have long been claimed to have been contained due to widespread vaccination, have actually been wiped out from the face of earth due to improvement in living conditions and increase in consciousness about personal hygiene. Now, it has been revealed that the vaccinations that continue even today are giving rise to neurological disorders like macrophagic myofasciitis or MMF.

MMF was first identified in 1998 and since then it has been regarded as one of the most serious neurological problems. Though very little is known about MMF, it has been found that vaccines that contain aluminum are directly responsible for the advent of the disease in the human body.  A study published in the journal Brain in 2001 showed that vaccines with aluminum were directly related to MMF but it was not enough to compel the government to stop vaccination of the general public, instead, widespread vaccination programs still continue today.

Natural News reports that in 2003, the World Health Organization or WHO, as it is more commonly known, denied the possibility that vaccines may be related to neurological diseases in human beings. But the most striking part was that the WHO denied the existence of MMF at all. But later studies published in Ear, Nose & Throat Journal and Medical Hypotheses in 2007 and 2009 respectively clearly points out to the direct relation between aluminum adjuvant in vaccines and MMF. The government; however, does not seem to be concerned about all these reports. Through widespread vaccination programs, it is continuously injecting people with harmful chemicals and aptly safeguarding the interests of big pharmaceuticals.

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