Cancer in lab rats equates to cancer in Humans, but Russia paid off by Monsanto to shut up and eat it!

toxic cereal

Animals and Humans are eating pesticide daily! The pesticide is injecting into seeds using biotechnology, then the pesticide grows in the crops, then the farmers feed those crops to the animals, then the animals are killed and humans eat the pesticide meat, then the scientists push chemotherapy (more pesticide/insecticide chemicals) as therapy for pesticide poisoning. Russia first rejected all GMO, now Monsanto is at work, making sure it’s fed to the animals first, then the humans. Then humans eat micro-waved meat and radiated meat and meat with nitrates and MSG – and make cancer even more prominent.

Countries around the world reject GMO, until America comes in and pays off the officials and the scientists to allow otherwise. States across the United States reject GMO, then Monsanto, Dow Chemical, and Bayer force their GM crops on the ignorant, hungry masses, and they eat them. Farmers across the world know better, they say no to GMO, but then they’re about to lose their farms or farming equipment, or both, due to financial hardships and the economy, and the Biotech Giants come in and buy them out, and make them use GMO pesticide on their crops, for animal feed, and for “human feed,” and the farmers give in.

Organic food companies know that GMO causes cancer, so they keep their food pure and clean, but some of them suffer financial loss due to the economy, or unjustified regulations, and then the Big Biotech Companies buy them out, and change their product to contain pesticides. It happens a lot.

Now, Natural News covers it all. Mike Adams has the story as soon as it breaks, and sometimes before it breaks! Read more:

“Russian veterinary services decided to lift the ban on NK603 strain of GMO maize. The strain is approved for use both in feed for animals, and for the production of food for human”

Genetically modified maize NK603 (toxic corn)

“The ban was put into place in September last year after a study linked Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup and the NK603 strain of maize genetically modified to be resistant to the herbicide, to cancer in lab rats. This week the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) reported the RussianAcademy of Medical Sciences had performed safety assessment of GM maize NK603 tolerant to glyphosate, and the analysis of results of post-monitoring for the entire period of use of the product in the human diet.

The report said: “Chemical composition of corn genetically modified maize NK603 is equivalent to its conventional counterpart; CP4 EPSPS protein is neither toxic to humans nor is an allergen; medical and biological research of genetically modified maize NK603 conducted during its official registration in the Russian Federation reveals absence of any toxic, genotoxic, sensitisation, allergic and immune-modulating action, and compositional equivalence with its conventional counterpart.”


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