War and GMO, the only true “funds for disaster” funneling in and out of Washington, D.C.: Get the Natural News survival guide before you’re just a STATISTIC.


hand in water

Is there a hurricane coming?? Get some plywood at Home Depot!

Is there a earth quake at sea? Get some duct tape at Lowe’s!

Is there a fire burning all around your city, with nuclear fumes? Run get some fire extinguishers at Kmart, oh, and get some bottled fluoridated BPA water right away!


Face it, no preparation money, guidance, or critical staffing and supplies are coming your way before the next disaster. Your government couldn’t care less about your life and your death. If you pay taxes, that’s great. That’s money for the wars. If you go to work at a factory or jail, that’s great. That’s money for more GMO studies and application. The government only shows up to help you long after a disaster hits, so they can save face on the news. That’s it.


The Sandy Hurricane and Katrina where well predicted and far in advance. What’s next in U.S., a nuclear melt down like Fukushima?



Will there be a revolution like 1776, where the Government comes for you, knocking on your door, demanding your guns, your rights, and your vote, or be jailed?


Has the Gestapo been born in the United   States? What is the next impending disaster, and is it planned? Some think so. Some are right!




What do your taxes pay for? Not help. Not infrastructure. Not safety. Not disaster relief. New York and New Jersey are reeling in pain, horror, loss, still today, right now!




Natural News cares. Natural News is talking about it. Mike Adams is exposing the truth of survival and surthrival in the face of all adversity, whether Nature’s plan or the U.S. Government’s non-plan, or their evil plan, disaster may hit your town, city, state next.


Get positive. Stay positive. Stay prepared. It costs a few hundred dollars, not a few hundred thousand, like replacing your home does. We live in a fragile world, but we can protect our minds, bodies and souls with the right food, supplies, ammunition and guidance! Get yours from a trusted source, the Health Ranger himself, Mike Adams:






“In the past decade, there have been a series of significant health emergencies, including extreme weather events, a flu pandemic and foodborne outbreaks,” said Dr. Jeffrey Levi, president of the Trust for America’s Health.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038608_disaster_preparedness_emergencies_states.html#ixzz2HUxSD8zI


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