Freedom of speech revoked! Facebook bans Natural News for quoting Gandhi’s autobiography

censorship mouth

The breach of public freedom seems to have become a common practice in the U.S. The banning of the Facebook page of Natural News is another such act where the democratic rights of the citizens have been violated by government authorities. It is reported that the Facebook page had a quote from Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s autobiography which said that it was the greatest blunder of the British rulers to keep Indians deprived of arms. Gandhi is well known throughout the world for his inclination towards non-violence, yet sometimes he justified the use of arms.

The U.S. government is all set to move ahead with the plan of confiscating guns that are owned by its citizens. Many are seeing this as a breach of the Second Amendment that conferred upon the U.S. citizens the right to keep fire arms. But the government’s plan to leave people defenseless against threats is being backed even by social networking sites like Facebook. The social networking site which is supposed to provide a platform to the voice of the people has reversed its role and is serving the tyrannical interests and activities of the government.

Natural News reports that as Facebook banned the quote from Gandhi’s autobiography, it may also ban speeches by Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr. All these men have contributed towards building the nation from time to time and have sometimes appreciated ideas that may not be acceptable to the modern U.S. authorities. So, there is a possibility that any of their quotes that do not comply with the aim of the government may be banned from social networking sites. However, since the news of such an atrocious step has been published in the media, Facebook administrators have lifted the ban and the Natural News page is once again available.


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