Mike Adams reveals how women are now being offered GIFTS to make them agree to mammograms

mike on infowars

It seems that the healthcare industry is turning more and more desperate as each day passes. Natural News reports that several hospitals and clinics all over the U.S. are now trying to force mammograms on their patients with a smile. It has been reported that these hospitals and clinics are offering women gift vouchers if they agree to undergo mammograms. As a tried and tested method of earning more profits for the healthcare industry, the clinics and hospitals seem to be least concerned about the side effects of unnecessary mammograms and are pushing forward with their plans.


Scammogram Alert!

The Minneapolis based UCare health group has advertised that women between the ages of 50 and 69 will be offered a gift card of $25 if they agree to a mammogram. The CentraState Healthcare System offers not only a gift voucher of $30 but also a one-week pass to its wellness center to those women who agree to a mammogram. The Henry Ford Health System in Michigan is offering women and even minors a $20 gift certificate in order to convince them to undergo a mammogram. It has been reported that healthcare centers across the U.S. are encouraging women to take part in ‘mammogram parties’ where they can persuade drunken women to undergo mammograms.

Scammogram Watch List:

Natural News reports that mammograms are not only highly dangerous but also play an active part in initiating breast cancer in women. A study published in The Lancet in 2006 clearly revealed that mammograms have no health benefit at all. People are becoming aware of the gimmicks so healthcare centers are devising new strategies to attract more and more people in order to maintain their profit margins. It is not known what the government has done so far or what it is going to do but one thing is certain;  the healthcare industry is not going to stop extracting money from the general public with the use of such deceitful measures.

Oh, but there are options, the SCAMMOGRAM INDUSTRY doesn’t tell you about medicinal mushrooms!


Oh,, they forgot to tell you about Chaga, and Reishi, and Lion’s Mane! Yes they did. But the Health Ranger didn’t forget, I tell you that!



The cure for cancer already exists. But it wasn’t created in a lab, and it  wasn’t funded by pink-ribbon products or walkathons. It was created for free by  Mother Nature, and it exists as a collection of literally thousands of powerful  anti-cancer phytonutrients found in medicinal mushrooms.

Medicinal  mushrooms contain some of the most potent medicine in the world. They are living  pharmaceutical factories, but they file no patents and ask for no royalties.  They just mind their own business, manufacturing healing medicines day by day,  and waiting for someone wise and humble enough to come along and pick them

Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/027308_mushrooms_cancer_medicinal.html#ixzz2IzxQmhjo


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