Close by choice is a trap –Natural News health gauge reveals this sales gimmick

zombie dc

Try your best to stay out of the clutches of an extremely well planned and executed sales tactics that are being used by the conglomerates to take you away from the local farmers and get you closer to what they want to sell off.

“Close by choice”

You are asked a close ended question where options are laid down and you are asked to choose one. There’s the catch. Both the choices are almost on the same level, one may be a little “less toxic” than the other, but toxic nevertheless. We have to give it to the U.S. PROCESSED FOOD INDUSTRY for playing such a smart trick with the ignorant consumers and almost leading them on. The test includes 10 questions which when answered will make you choose the less toxic from the choices given. You hardly have any choice at all. You are expected to choose any one. Either ways, the food industry gets what they want.

Do you want to unveil the sugar coated language and expose the bare facts? Assess the results with Natural News Health Gauge and see how you are being taken for a ride and made to choose between the ‘bad and worse’ products. Not just this, they are also trying to plant the seed of anti-farm food thoughts by posing the questions.

While the sellers keep underestimating the urge of their consumers to get closer to the truth, here’s Natural News along with its Health Ranger, Mike Adams, on a quest to the  truth, washing away all traces of lies and deception.

Don’t be a ZOMBIE in the upcoming zombie apocalypse: Get smart, get organic:

Make an informed decision by staying updated with the latest revelations and regularly reading through the articles.

Knowledge about simple facts could result in a better quality of life.

  • Don’t heat food above 118 degrees.
  • Ever heard of 80/20 raw ratio? Or, a raw food lifestyle?


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