Kill the Urge!

grandpa Sol (2)

My Grandfather Sol died of lung cancer when I was 7 years old. This program and all of its success is dedicated to the life he led, which led me here today!

14AndOut is celebrating 14 months of success!

It’s time to share the love and the cure for smoking with every person who mentions quitting. It worked. I figured at the beginning that if anyone had the WILL, then I had the WAY for them. 14AndOut is about me supplying the knowledge and the tools, and you supplying the DESIRE to quit. That’s it. 500 videos later and only 5 refunds. I am so thankful for everyone who has supported this global agenda and my dream to save people from cancer and the nightmare of being stuck in a “habit” and not knowing how to escape.

14 days. You are 14 days away from quitting right now, if you…

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