The story of lies and deceptive assurances – – – uncovered by Natural News!


A possible agenda of a domestic battlefield, a staged civil war, a government sponsored gun seizure campaign hinting towards a tyranny and genocide, fake war on terror, fake war on drugs – in fact the list of such incidents has touched the roof and now there is an imminent danger of the cat coming out of the well secured bag, with Mike Adams of Natural News leading from the front.

The most recent case has been that of the U.S. government’s incredible investment – thousands of AK47s. Would anybody care to tell us that what exactly is being prepared and planned here? On one hand, gun owners are being declared terrorists, and on the other hand, the government is piling up its stock of guns. Doesn’t it all sound too strange to be rationally proven irrespective of the  rhetoric of the Obama administration?

Here’s DHS declaring gun owners terrorists :

As against DHS 7,000 full-auto “assault weapons” to be used domestically:

Do you get the point yet? Bloggers are slowly waking up to the lies and deceptive assurances the American government has been offering for quite some time now. With the help of  Natural News Tracker, Natural and Buzz, the bloggers are keeping track of DHS’s weapons bid:

By all means, there could be a larger version of Occupy Wall Street movement, or, a new world order may be brewing  to make a stand in face of imminent civil war:

Here’s a list of all the possible ‘fakes’ that have been made to pass for hard facts for all these years:

Explore the dark truths and decide for yourself – do you want to keep your eyes shut when all the evidence points to  the administration? Wait till all the guns are registered, followed by a mass cancellation of all the registrations to ensure the successful disarmament by the government:

It has been proven from past records that the advertisements or campaigns by the corporations and government are actually lies, the exact opposite of which is what they are intending to do.

Health Ranger, Mike Adams is doing his best to uncover the lies; it’s time for you to take a stand.


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