Health Ranger Exclusive: Exposed! Vaccines contain various toxic ingredients

baby sick

Do you want your children to be cursed with vaccines or blessed with immunity? As more and more shocking facts about the toxic vaccines are brought to forefront by the commendable efforts of Natural News editor Mike Adams, the choice between poisons and life saving products becomes less complicated. It has been proven without a doubt that vaccines are developed with ingredients that do more harm than good. Natural News has done its part in spreading awareness about this grave matter. Now, it’s up to the families to wake up and stop believing  the false assurances and sugar coated lies, and save their offspring from being cursed for life with incurable diseases.

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This goes on to prove that the naturopathic physicians have been correct all the time. Natural News has more on this:

Treat this as a wake-up call for all those who have been duped by the ‘mad scientists working for Big Pharma of America (BPA)’ who don’t have a moment of hesitation before developing vaccines with viruses, bacteria, toxic metals, human albumin, aborted human fetal proteins, and MSG that push people to the domain of insanity and diseases.

Ethan Huff has also researched  this matter and come up with a detailed report at Natural News. He implores the readers to share all that is being exposed through the videos and podcasts where doctors, lawyers and insiders admit the toxicity of vaccines.

Treat this as a health warning or a call to action – it is high time that you realize that vaccines are dangerous and stop  Big Pharma from conning you and poisoning your children. Allopathic medicines do nothing better than injecting poisons to your system and spoil its immunity from the core. However, there’s still time to save what’s left by welcoming natural methods of treating diseases and strengthening the immunity with natural ingredients.

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