Health Ranger Update: Natural foods are constantly being discouraged in order to propagate the use of treated foods

bad food schools fail (2)

There are very few people who consume raw food. Most people on Earth prefer to cook food before they eat it. But Natural News reports that foods that have been cooked over 120 degree fail to retain their essential properties that are useful to the body. Through cooking, baking and frying, vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and other additives are converted into acid forming toxins and poisons that harm the body in a number of ways. But eating raw food is never encouraged and is often labeled as ‘extreme.’


Treated foods are widely available in the market nowadays. They; however, not only fail to offer the desired nutrition but also often cause harm to the body. The method of pasteurization can be cited as an example in this regard. Pasteurization of milk was discovered by Louis Pasteur in the mid of 19th century. Since then, it has been widely used to treat milk. But pasteurization destroys the essential vitamins and other minerals in milk. When milk is exposed to high temperatures, certain useful bacteria and enzymes in it get killed or denatured, thus reducing the nutritional value of milk to a large extent.


The campaign against raw and natural foods has been taken to a new level by the Missouri Milk Board and the U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationNatural News reports that the two authorities jointly conducted a raid on Morningland Dairy in Mountain View, Missouri on charges of making contaminated cheese. The products were never tested and the farm was forced to destroy 50,000 pounds of fresh, raw and absolutely safe cheese. Morningland’s request of conducting independent tests on the products was never paid attention to by the authorities and the farm has now been put officially out of business. This is a form of tyranny on natural food consumers.



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