Health Ranger says media/health industries continue to misguide people in health related issues

 bad doc (2)

The health industry in the U.S. has been fighting an apparent war against cancer for decades. But all its endeavors have yielded few results so far. On the other hand, there are several doctors who claim to have found cures of cancer. So why do the health authorities not make use of those cancer curing treatments in order to win the war against cancer? The answer is simple. It would interfere with the interests of the big pharmaceutical companies that pay millions of dollars every year to the FDA in order to have the license of newly patented drugs.

Natural News reports that the FDA and other medical authorities have carefully and tactically disapproved the authenticity of the doctors who claimed to have found cures for cancer outside conventional health practices.  Take for example, the case of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski.

Dr. Burzynski has been continuously harassed by the FDA and Texas medical authorities for 15 years after he had some success in treating critical cancer cases without outside funding. A recent documentary titled Burzynski: The Movie clearly depicts how one of his contracted researchers conspired to steal his patents at the behest of a pharmaceutical company.

The mainstream media in no way lags behind in keeping people deprived of good health. The media in the U.S. has been suppressing vitamins, natural minerals and supplements for almost 75 years tagging them as useless. Natural News reports that nowadays, almost all the big media houses propagate nothing but the lie about health supplements. According to the media, health supplements are of no use and can be harmful if used for long. The truth is that health supplements and natural minerals can provide a cure to a large number of diseases. The mainstream media knows that it cannot benefit from healthy people and so it misguides them in health issues.


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