Natural News Exclusive Coverage: The New Law of Land: “Wanted Dead or Alive” – shoot anyone suspected of wrongdoing

shooting gallery (2)

Mike Adams is reporting the following in a satirical but very “real” world of violence we are experiencing, which is being handed down, from the President to the L.A.P.D.;

“The LAPD would do well to keep this in mind, it seems. Sooner or later, their reckless “shoot at anything” attitude is going to backfire on them in a tragic way. Even today, right now, the citizens of Los Angeles have observed and learned something incredibly valuable (and shocking): The LAPD is not your friend, nor your protector. The LAPD is a government-funded gang with badges. Their officers have a hand in the drugs, the prostitution, the corruption and the violence in that city. They plot and carry out premeditated murders of those who oppose them. They need not obey any law whatsoever, and they now operate with absolute immunity from prosecution for murder.”

You can learn more about this right now:

What the heck is going on in America, and will all the big cities follow this precedent? How about all the suspected rapists in the U.S. who served years in prison only to find out later, after reliable DNA testing, that they didn’t commit the crime at all? Should the police have shot them first, when they were declared suspects? How would that have all worked out – for the families of the innocent? Would that be all over the television – that the police shot innocent people dead and keep going about their business the next day, with no court trial, just writing speeding tickets and taking shots at people who seem to be engaged in some wrong doing?

One of the major differences between the United States and third world countries is that the USA has hundreds of thousands of attorneys, court rooms, and thousands of judges who listen to juries and make balanced, informed decisions regarding someone’s fate after they are suspected of a violent crime, or felony, or misdemeanor, or even just for looking like someone who has recently committed a crime.

Is that mostly lost now? Will the crimes of the U.S. Government and the LAPD set a precedent, much like court cases do, that enables and actually influences more politicians and cops to kill people, innocent people they simply “think” or want the PUBLIC TO THINK is guilty of something? Can the feds go into a public establishment, masked and carrying automatic assault rifles, and kill some rebel thinkers, and then report to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS AND NBC whatever story they make up on the spot, or made up in a room full of evil liars?


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