Federal government goes ahead with NDAA and gun confiscation schemes, states start opposing

paintball illegal


The signing of the National Defense Authorization Act or the NDAA is going to usher in a new era of suppression in the lives of U.S. citizens. This law is perfectly designed to give the government the power to arrest, interrogate, torture and even kill individuals on the charges of suspected terrorism even without proper trial or legal help. Natural News reports that many are considering this law a direct infringement of the freedoms of U.S. citizens by their own government. The cunning use of words and the deceptive sentences have made the law appear normal, but detailed and meticulous study reveals the aims and objectives of the government.



Apart from the NDAA, there is also another raging issue that has created much stir in recent times. It is the issue of gun confiscation that has made people more suspicious about government plans. Though the federal government is pushing forward with its policies, the state of Wyoming has introduced a bill that disapproves any sort of gun confiscation activity. This bill in known as The Firearm Protection Act and is supposed to criminalize all attempts of enforcing a ban on gun ownership. Those who break this law may end up in jail for five years or may have to pay a fine of $5000.



Natural News reports that neither the Bill of Rights nor the Second Amendment is negotiable and the federal government in no way can render these documents void. Many are of the opinion that the U.S. government has actually encroached into the rights and freedom of U.S. citizens by devising a law like the NDAA and is making plans for gun confiscation in the name of ‘gun control.’ The federal decisions are clearly an infringement on the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment.



Will all guns, including pistols be illegal soon? What about paintball guns, will they too be illegal soon? what about nerf guns? What about squirt guns? Where’s the line?


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