Could someone go from Superfood to Super Toxic Food in one bad choice? Chlorella from around the world tested by Health Ranger

chlorella tested

Natural News bloggers are all over this one. This is major. This is the Health Ranger’s thorough Chlorella contamination list. Mike Adams says yes; some superfood, more precisely the world’s most popular superfood, may be contaminated, and do the opposite to your body than your desired goal! That’s why you must know what you’re buying when it comes to Superfoods: This is recent in-depth research by the Health Ranger which reveals laboratory tests run on chlorella for contamination are almost non-existent!


17 different sources tested thoroughly!


Chlorella supplements purchased at retail

Chlorella purchased directly from importers

Chlorella purchased directly from suppliers.


Cleanest sources for chlorella revealed:



Each was tested for:


•Aluminum (1.0 ppm detection limit)
•Arsenic (0.20 ppm detection limit)
•Cadmium (0.05 ppm detection limit)
•Lead (0.10 ppm detection limit)
•Mercury (0.05 ppm detection limit)

International Sources for Chlorella:

•3 sources from China
•3 sources from Taiwan
•3 sources from Japan
•1 source from Korea


Warning: Chlorella from China was the most contaminated!


Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, serves as the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center, a non-profit consumer protection group. Mike Adams mission is to empower you. Follow Mike’s quest and stay healthy, especially when it comes to Superfood choices!


Mike: “The only thing that stands between a person and their own perfect health is information. Empowered with the right information, anyone can improve their health, reduce their dependence on prescription drugs, enhance their quality of life and expand their mental awareness and creativity.”

Learn more:

Learn more:


Natural News Editor, Mike Adams, publishes metals contamination test results for world’s most famous Superfood:


Cleanest sources for chlorella revealed:


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