Mike Adams on Radar: Use your ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) to stay one step ahead in your life

earthquake crack (2)

Ever heard of ESP (Extra sensory Perception)? Guess not. The fact is that we are too engrossed in living in the moment to be able to think clearly about what may happen in the future and at times even ignore the warning signs that nature has designed to get the news to us while there’s still time. Natural News uncovers studies that indicate that we can tap these resources to our benefit and be aware of what’s about to happen so that we can change the course of our lives for good.

This is the Virtual Lattice. Get to know more about this from:


Natural News has always come up with facts that aim to enrich people from the very essence which will eventually let them see the truth and be in a better position. As soon as you are aware of the power of your extra sensory perception, you will be able to realize how much you can gain. Moreover, this also lets you get control of your life so that you are able to take the important decisions in a timely manner and act accordingly.

So, what is this feeling? Is it déjà vu? No. It is rather a calculated expectation of what’s going to happen which can prevent you from landing in unexpected situations. This is a world which allows you to avoid accidents or any negative influences in your life and thinking. You must have had inkling about this at some point in your life but without any scientific data to prove the existence of the ESP, it is expected that would waive it off without giving any due consideration.

And you can use both the intrinsic and extrinsic parts of your brain together without having to switch one off. Natural News is covering the studies that are trying to prove this point.

Here’s what the study concluded:

“”The conclusion of the study was that the reported subjective experience of exceptional spaciousness, or timelessness, reported by some advanced mediators, appears to be objectively correct. That is, their subjective sense of ‘now’ appears to expand substantially, and our experiment indicates that this was not an illusion.”


And you can also control your mind to lose weight:



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