Radar and Ranger Update: Don’t FEED the superbugs!

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“Little Johnny” is sick again, quick– get him some antibiotics? Wrong! That would just be FEEDING THE SUPERBUGS.

How do you feed Superbugs? How do you create superbugs? And worst of all, how do you take MEDICINE which contains superbugs and helps them spread? All of these questions and more are answered in this blog and these reference articles from Natural News.

Consider this: Have you ever been guilty of the following situations, or were your parents guilty of any of these?

You have acne and take antibiotics to minimize it?

You get an injury and your doctor prescribes antibiotics?

You have some surgery and the surgeon prescribes antibiotics?

Your sickness, flu, bronchitis, strep throat, sinus infection, allergy attack won’t go away, and your doctor prescribes antibiotics?

You get your tonsils removed, or your wisdom teeth, or your appendix taken out, and your doctor prescribes antibiotics?

You get a few stitches for a cut and your doctor prescribes antibiotics?

You have an upset stomach, or an ulcer, or Crones, or IBS, or Fibromyalgia and your doctor prescribes antibiotics?

baby sick

You are building immunity to antibiotics.

You’re killing your own medicine.


There are much smarter choices, my friends, than antibiotics for immunity.




Your are simply building immunity to antibiotics. There are only a few major “families” of antibiotics, and you may be immune to them all!!


Warning; can your body fight off the SUPERBUGS that are breeding in the corporate farm fields of America, and in the VACCINES, and in the GMO feed?

What are SUPERbugs? How does taking antibiotics help you get them?

Health Ranger Update and the Natural News Tracker are covering this right now:

Stay tuned for interviews with Mike Adams the Health Ranger posted to these sites!



“Superbugs are caused by the abusive over-use of antibiotics. In the presence of antibiotics, bacterial strains mutate and multiply to become completely resistant to those antibiotics, transforming into “super killers” that can be fatal and have no known treatments from the world of pharmaceutical medicine. (They can still be killed by colloidal silver, but the entire medical establishment pretends that colloidal silver doesn’t work.)”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/039178_free_antibiotics_pharmacy_superbugs.html#ixzz2LXzDMiGq

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