Join the Renaissance of Information! Natural News has millions of people on line learning the truth

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Stop, Meditate, Begin Again!



Get your Bill of Rights Update:


Get your NDAA and Constitutional Rights Update from Mike Adams:


That’s right folks, there is a new “age” of news, a Renaissance of Information that’s available at your fingertips 24/7/365.


Here’s my formula for forging my way through the day and the week, with the ultimate positive attitude and focusing on what matters most:


First, read what’s happening all over the world, not just in the U.S.:


Then, I read what’s happening to our country:


Then I read what Mike Adams has to say about our health, safety, and human rights:


Then I learn about chemicals in food and medicine:

“Todays Modern Food; It’s not what you think, Part 1 of 2:


Then I read about nutrition, longevity, and “smart food.”!/HealthRanger?fref=ts


Then I blog about the best of the best and go from there. If you have not already, start checking out Natural News articles, videos, radio, etc, and blogging/commenting about it here and there. You will be surprised how many people comment and change not only their way of thinking about topics, but your way too, and for the better.


Recommended natural news tracking blogs:

Mike Adams the Health Ranger says:

“Don’t Wait for Conventional Medicine to Come to its Senses:

In fact, that’s the truth of the situation, but it has yet to be acknowledged by the conventional

medical community. But you, as an individual, don’t have to wait around for modern medicine to

figure this out. You don’t have to wait ten years for medical schools to start teaching this. The

conventional medical community is very slow to change their minds about anything. Remember,

it took the American Heart Association twenty years to even admit that vitamins are good for you!”


Join the Renaissance of Information! Opinions can drive Evolution. Have some.






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