U.S. government current gun confiscation program not likely to succeed

farmer ready for revolution

When the feds come to kick in your front door and take your guns, will you come out with your hands high in the air, or with your finger on the trigger?

When the Nazi style U.S. ATF and DHS come to take your rifle, will you shoot them in the face on your porch in self defense, or will you go to the concentration camps, FEMA political enforcement division stadium, and be taught the laws of the dictatorship?

Are you spastically happy the U.S. government is trying to get automatic rifles out of the hands of psycho’s, or are you righteously mad that they’re really trying to take all weapons out of the hands of law abiding, constitution defending sane citizens?

Many are elated with the recent re-election of the previous U.S. administration but many are not able to understand the dire consequences of this result. Natural News reports that this re-election will only help the government push forward its existing policies that at times may disfavor public interest. It is anticipated that TSA will be empowered with more rights to intrude into the personal lives of the general public by setting up check points in every nook and corner of the country. American citizens will be arrested secretly in order to avoid any uproar and detained indefinitely that also deprives them of all legal processes. The government is also likely to authorize secret kill lists that would enable federal agents to kill individuals.

The biotech giants that have thrived under the previous government are likely to expand their kingdom with the help of the USDA. This will result in an unprecedented surge in GMOs in the market as the government is likely to remain mum on the GMO labeling. It is also anticipated that the Bill of Rights and other protectors of civil liberties will be thoroughly attacked and will ultimately be erased from the life of U.S. citizens. The U.S. economy is also going to face a huge debacle and unemployment rate will rise steadily.

Though federal authorities wanted to go ahead with the gun confiscation program, stiff resistance has somewhat stalled their progress. Natural News reports that private gun manufacturers and suppliers have refused to sell guns and ammo to government authorities. In fact, the number of firearm holders in America has risen drastically in the last few months. All of these point out towards the wrath of the general public against the government’s plan to confiscate civilian firearms in the name of protecting them.


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