The whims of governments worldwide are putting people in a panic

rome collapses (2)

Is the world gradually degrading? This is the question that needs to be answered as a large number of governments around the world are finding more and more new ways of inflicting violence, financial instability and depression on the people. Natural News reports that it is now a substantiated fact that the government in Cyprus is trying to get ahold of private savings accounts in order to put the country’s collapsing economy back on track. It is reported that the government in the European nation has already struck a deal with International Monetary Fund or IMF in order to own at least 10 percent of the total deposits in private savings accounts (that amount may increase to 40% at any moment, sources say).

Financial and emotional shock wave will sweep across Europe:
This unprecedented and whimsical move of the Cypriot government is likely to send a shock wave across Europe, which has been struggling to save its economy for quite some time. According to Daily Mail, people in other debt-stricken countries may anticipate that they would be targeted next and thus would resort to large scale withdrawal of money from their private accounts. It will absolutely ruin the economy within the blink of an eye. People in Cyprus are utterly annoyed with this new decision of the government and are trying to withdraw as much money as they can before the government starts raiding the banks. Learn more at:

Cyprus is mini model of Europe; Europe is mini-model of U.S.:

If you think that it is happening only in Cyprus and your deposits in your bank accounts are perfectly safe, you are probably not aware of what is happening in the U.S. The U.S. government is ready to nullify the Bill of Rights, which has protected the freedom and rights of U.S. citizens for centuries. Natural News opines that if gun control initiatives are successfully implemented in America, the government will continue with other oppressive measures like banning books, websites and art. It is only a matter of time before the government shows its true colors. More at:


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