The WAR on meat pathogens: sodium benzoate, sodium propionate, benzoic acid legal for rotting meat cover up!

cafomeat (2)

How does corporate America keep feeding the zombies infected meat without getting sued and without crippling the meat industry as a whole? Kill the pathogens and serve! Who cares if what kills the pathogens kills humans slowly, they can’t sue for that, and they’re so dumb they won’t be able to put 2 and 2 together and figure out what’s happening.

Politicians and the Meat Industry are celebrating (and pocketing billions of dollars for allowing meat preservatives and pathogen killers into the system through big payoffs and fake test results of toxins) the FSIS (Food Safety and Inspection Service), the FDA and USDA combined forces and will now allow these human cell killers to treat meat pathogens in the CAFO meat “prisons” across America.


Attention, all you meat lovers, this is YOUR wake up call! Do you like being violently ill? Have you had e-coli lately? What about a really good staphylococcus infection? Have you gotten your swine flu shot and your anthrax vaccine? Do you have a virus? Do you have parasites in your blood? Does your skin itch constantly? Are you a borderline diabetic who doesn’t realize it? Do you have the throwing up flu? Are you organs being strangled by artificial preservatives, mold killers, and infected meat cover up chemicals? Should you be paranoid or just legitimately concerned? Will you die young from this? How addicted to meat are you? Want some infected pepperoni pizza, or a pathogen steak?

Do you have MEAT Pathogen Disease, also known as MPD?
What does sodium benzoate do to human cells? It kills them.
Sodium benzoate is a preservative that promotes cancer and kills healthy cells:

Sodium propionate is dangerous! Read this: Food that won’t decompose!!
“Why McDonald’s Happy Meal hamburgers won’t decompose – the real story behind the story”
Learn more:

Let’s delve further into this emergency information:
Natural News enthusiasts want more info to warn their loved ones:

Let’s start here: What is inferior meat?

Today in America, fast food and corporate “brand name” chain restaurants get their meat from one main source – CAFO farms. CAFO means confined animal feeding operation and is probably far more extreme and nightmarish than you may think: The Health Ranger delves into this: “Rather than have access to pasture and the outdoors, cows and chickens from factory farms live most, if not all, of their lives in confinement, where they wallow in their own feces, and sometimes even in the rotting carcasses of other dead animals”

Knowing this, the meat is infected with viruses, bacteria, pathogens and more that must be at least “wounded” if not killed before being served up in the millions of restaurants all the meat addicts eat at in America, including the drive throughs and the dine-ins (die-ins) that serve up bleached and ammonia laden slime. This disinfected meat infects the human system with chemicals, causing cancer in the long term and a host of chronic conditions in the short term. Right now, adding chemical preservatives to meat before it leaves the CAFO factories is the cheapest way corporate America and the USDA can feed the meat zombies.

Benzoic Acid approved for Human Consumption and Cancer:,Tumor/?a=s
You better find out more about benzoyl peroxide right now:

The infected meat war of 2014:
How many cancer cases will there be in 2014? 1.5 million or 2.5 million? How many people will survive, 50% or only 25%? GMO and CAFO meat are combining forces to feed the fast food and processed food zombies of America cancer food and cancer medicine. The meat lovers of America are consuming bleach and ammonia, bacteria killing chemicals, virus killing preservatives, mold killers, worm killer, beetle killer, weed killer and DNA of insects as regular staple food every day.

How many more cancer cases will there be in the world next year, where USA exports infected CAFO meat to, and GMO vaccines? Right now, every other man and every third woman in USA contracts cancer in their lifetime, and only half beat it, and you can bet your life’s savings the one’s who beat it aren’t the chemo/radiation guinea pigs, they are the one’s who stop eating chemicals, stop putting chemicals on their skin, and stop taking chemical laden medicine. The survivors are the ones who switch to organic food and natural medicine IN TIME for their organs to recover from MPD – Meat Pathogen Disease. Detoxification is necessary. It is vital.

Find out more from the Health Ranger Mike Adams, Editor of Natural News and Founder of the Natural News Store!


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