Impending nuclear war, health, finance and politics— the doom is here!

nuclear map (2)
The United States is now faced with a threat of nuclear war with North Korea. The tantrums of this small, impoverished Asian country is nothing new, but this time the situation has been worsened with Kim Jong Un’s threat of dropping nuclear bombs on America. The young leader, in order to surpass his predecessors in anti U.S. stance, has announced that his country is in a ‘state of war’ with U.S. This has taken the politics in the Korean peninsula back to the 1950’s when the Korean War was fought between North and South Korea. Mike Adams opines that globalists are intentionally leading the situation to a nuclear war. More of this is at .

What if the U.S. drops a “bomb” on N. Korea, will the fallout be ten times as bad as Fukushima is right now? Do you know that the radiation from Fukushima is still spreading? The media won’t even talk about it!

It is not only the threat of impending nuclear war that has worked a lot to “harden” people or make people numb. In fact, each and every aspect of life is now “rigged”, reports Natural News. Be it the healthcare system or the politics, be it finance or agriculture, everything is perfectly designed to put the common people in endless misery. Take for example the healthcare system. It is supposed to cure people, but in reality it is breeding more and more diseases by applying or injecting harmful toxins and chemicals into the human body in the name of medicines and vaccines.

However, there is still hope for those who refuse to fall prey to this rigged system. People should have the courage of saying ‘NO’ to all that is propagated by the system. Abjuring GMOs, turning away from mainstream media laden with lies, refusing to be vaccinated and saying no to conventional education can play an important role in the fight against the rigged system.

Natural News opines that people should awaken themselves from a state of eternal slumber if they want to win the fight. Learn more right now at .


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