Fluoridation scam continues while healthcare system victimizes common people

fluoridation (2)
American citizens are continuously being fed with fluoridated water and now they are also being treated with fluoride for dental diseases. Each and every doctor needs to make patients aware of the side effects that any medicine can bring with it, but in the case of fluoride, this regulation is violated. It has long been propagated that fluoride helps teeth prevent tooth decay, but the fact remains that fluoride does little to keep teeth healthy and away from decay. In fact, people who opt out of using this chemical have less decay, or none, reports Natural News. Know more of this at http://www.naturalnews.com/031335_water_fluoridation.html.

The healthcare system has actually turned into an instrument of money extraction from patients. Over the years the average expenditure on dental health has gone up drastically. Thanks to the over inflated treatment rates and the tricks of the hospital, dental and surgical authorities, patients are left with almost nothing after spending a few days caring for themselves after falling for these scams. According to PricingHealthcare.com, the whole issue of medical pricing is nothing but a scam. The health insurance companies never reveal what they pay to the hospitals, and patients have no way to know whether or not the insurance company paid anything at all. More of this is reported at http://www.naturalnews.com/039760_health_care_medical_costs_pricing.html.

The tyranny of the healthcare industry does not end here, in fact it starts right with infants sometimes only a few days old. Natural News reports that doctors of Liverpool Care Pathway in the U.K. have admitted to implementing the ‘End of Life’ treatment on newborns. According to the directives of the National Health Service, the public healthcare system of the United Kingdom, this treatment was originally devised for elderly and severely sick people who had little chances of surviving for long. But doctors have implemented this on newborns, and it could be stopping the supply of foods and fluids to the infants’ body and forcing them to die within a few days. Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/039824_death_panels_infants_end-of-life_care.html#ixzz2PtvCVsxo .

There is a cure to the health crisis all over the world …

Mike Adams says: “The only thing that stands between a person and their own perfect health is information. Empowered with the right information, anyone can improve their health, reduce their dependence on prescription drugs, enhance their quality of life and expand their mental awareness and creativity.”


One thought on “Fluoridation scam continues while healthcare system victimizes common people

  1. peoria ill-noise could use your help.A town full of the smartest dumb people there are.Oh,and i already tried talkin to the mayors lawyer and the water co. ,then the local paper ran a fake article sayin they lower Fluoride level, yet quality report says no change 6-18 months later……….

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