Health Ranger exclusive: Natural foods protect health and fitness of body

forbidden fruit

Natural foods that are devoid of any chemical and toxin actually help the body grow and stay healthy. Natural News reports that the Omega 3 fats in fish oil make the body immune to various diseases and inflammation. In a latest study published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology and conducted by the scientists from Michigan State University Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition it has been clearly indicated that the fish oil rich in DHA empowers the immune system in the human body. According to Dr. Jennifer Fenton, fish oil can help in building immunity against a number of diseases. Know more of this at


It is not only fish oils that help in building a good immunity. Medicinal mushrooms such as chaga, maitaike and reishi can play a decisive role in building up immunity. Colloidal silver, turmeric and oregano oil are known to have certain medicinal properties that enhance the immunity system. Tim Van Orden opines that there are many misconceptions regarding dietary proteins. He has also revealed a number of truths about protein that have been kept hidden from human eyes for long. View the whole news story at .

Organic foods can help people enhance their immunity system to a large extent. These foods are devoid of any harmful chemical, preservative and additive. As a result they are able to retain their natural properties and deliver the desired nutrition. Anyone in search of such foods can visit the Natural News store where they are available at affordable rates. Moreover, most of these products are available at a discounted price so that everyone can avail them. Take for example the organic shelled hempseeds. These hempseeds are grown without pesticides and can be used in preparations like smoothie and salad. The tasty hempseeds are full of Omega 3 and can thus contribute to the overall development of the body. Visit the online store at .

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