Natural News Inside Story: U.S. government preps for domestic war

civil war imminent (2)
The impending war with North Korea has been a hot topic for quite some time. People have been concerned about this small Asian nation’s flexing of muscles and warning of preemptive strikes on South Korean and American soil. It is true that North Korea has always paid highest priority towards becoming a powerful state in military terms, but in doing that it has implemented certain tyrannical measures that are now being practiced by the U.S. government too. Just like North Korea there is hardly any freedom in the U.S. Get an idea about the military might of North Korea at .

According to Natural News the U.S. government is making preparations to fight a war not outside but inside the country. Reports reveal that the Department of Homeland Security has received huge shipments of such ammunitions that are banned in wars. The jurisdiction of the DHS being confined within American territory, it can be said that these ammunitions would be used on none other than American citizens. Mike Adams opines that with so much firepower the American government can wage a seven year long domestic war with American citizens. Obviously the aim of the government is to arm tyrannical security wings like the TSA with the help of these ammunitions. Know more of this at .

What else can be expected from a government that calmly curbs public freedom by deliberately failing to comply with the constitution? The U.S. government has introduced the National Defense Authorization Act or in short the NDAA that is perfectly tailored to keep the constitutional rights of personal freedom at bay and enable the U.S. military to kidnap, confine, torture and even kill American citizens in the name of National Security. There has been an effort from the government to propagate that the NDAA does not apply to U.S. citizens but Natural News reports that this act is perfectly applicable to foreign nationals as well as Americans. The complete news story is covered at .


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