Solar power becoming huge! Learn how to get “off the grid” entirely!


Venturing into unconventional power generation techniques has become more popular and has yielded effective results of late. It is now reported that all of the newly added 44 MW of power to the grid in March were solar power. According to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission most of the added power came from seven projects in North Carolina, New Jersey, Nevada, Hawaii, California and Arizona. Experts opine that the business of solar power is booming and expected to grow even more in very near future. As a result the solar companies are earning huge profits and consumers are also gaining a lot. Know more on this at .

Rhone Resch, the president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association says the cost of solar equipment and the installation has reduced drastically over the last couple of years. This reduced cost has led to more sophisticated technologies. The consumption of solar energy in the U.S. alone has increased by over 600 percent in the last five years and last year alone more solar capacities were installed than the previous three years combined, opines Natural News. The complete story is reported at .

But, there is always a danger of failure looming ominously over this increased use of solar power. Natural News reports that grid-tie solar systems are bound to go down once the main power grid goes off. These kind of solar panels are fitted with mechanisms that disconnect than from the main power grid in case of any failure and no power from it can be used. So, it is useless when the power grid fails and even if the sun shines in the sky users would not be able extract any power from it. Know the complete story at .

There are solutions. Get solar power for your home which is NOT connected to the “man’s” grid:


“A new trend in the off-grid solar market is solar powered products designed specifically with cell phone charging in mind. Small-scale entrepreneurs are buying these solar cell phone charging units and creating businesses around charging other people’s cell phones.”


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