Increasing stress can lead to untold disasters; learn about natural stress busters!

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As per Natural News, some latest testing results have concluded that continuous stress for a long time can lead to major risk factors. This in turn, can lead to various types of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, dementia and mainly cardiovascular disease (or in plain words, heart attack). Suffering from stress for a long time is equivalent to having a pack of cigarettes a day. The effects are more or less the same. Such chronic stress starts releasing hormones that are mainly used for fighting any tight or threatening situation. Excessive flow of such hormones can lead to heart diseases which might turn up to be incurable after a certain point of time. The researchers from Columbia University Medical Center in New York have analyzed the different side effects related with chronic stress and have come up with the same answer, every time.
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Not only heart attack but stress also leads to mental illness, gaining excessive amount of weight and hair loss, as well. In order to regain the lively mood and good health condition, one must try and keep stress at bay on an urgent basis. When people are stressed then their body pumps up three vital hormones, namely adrenaline, cortisol and noradrenaline. When these start flowing more than their requirements, then our body starts showing some responses like obsessive compulsion, mood swings, bipolar disorders and more. Such over doses of excitement can lead to heart attack at the end. These also lead to loss of hair, accumulation of fat inside the body and more.
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To relieve people from stress, one can take the help of premium quality Camu camu powder which is available at Natural News store at market leading prices. This is an effective stress buster without any side effect. It will help an individual to control their stress and enjoy a healthy life.


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