The adverse effects of GM wheat and Roundup herbicide

two headed cow
According to Natural News, a latest research work has been published in Journal of Toxicology in Vitro where it is written that if an individual intakes roundup herbicide formula from Monsanto, then it might destroy their testosterone levels to a great extent. It is ultimately going to lead to male infertility. Again, it might give rise to some other 25 diseases which might turn fatal at some point or the other. Some such illnesses are birth defects, cancer, damage of DNA, liver dysfunction and more.

To know more about this field, Emilie Clair, along with her research team, started testing the side effects of glyphosate on the testicular cells of rats. This product is a major component of Roundup which is known for damaging male fertility. They performed different types of tests and the result remains the same. It gave rise to cell toxicity which is a major reason behind infertility. It has also revealed that even 1 ppm of Roundup can cause disruption of endocrine system. If exposed at higher levels then Roundup can also cause issues with testicular cell growth.
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According to Natural News, just like Roundup, GM wheat can also give rise to negative effects by damaging human genes. If the Australian government ends up approving GM wheat for its citizens, then it might give rise to these adverse effects. GM wheat has the ability to silence hundreds of genes on a permanent basis, all over the body. Due to this health threat to the public, scientists are looking for commercial approval and untested trial on humans. This is surely going to pass the threats related with GM wheat onto common people. There are some inherent dangers associated with GM wheat. It has been proven at a conference with the Director of Safe Food Foundation, Mr. Scott Kinnear.
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