The ultimate carelessness and States’ backlash of Obamacare; already NULL AND VOID in SC!

pass the buck on gmo

As per the report presented by Natural News, a large number of states are challenging the Obama Administration as they think that it is nothing but unconditional uses of powers, which are mainly related with health care and fire arms. The new review came from South Carolina which passed a measure stating that Obamacare is null and void at the same time. It is also criminalizing the work implementation of this care project. The lawmakers passed the Freedom of Health Care Protection Act which strictly prohibited enforcing such laws, which are obviously unconstitutional. This will help the state attorney general to stop this measure by temporary or permanent injunction.
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Not only Obamacare, but the First Lady is also harming the nation to some extent through her “natural food” campaign. After Mr. Obama came into power, Michelle Obama started a new project with the main aim to create good will for her husband. She opted for an organic vegetable garden for the betterment of the children and their health. Her signature work was installing beehives and the organic garden on the south lawn of the White House. She also instructed the chefs to serve organic food for state dinners. She made it a point to talk about child obesity due to bad eating habits and food products which are unhealthy. On the other hand, her husband is a strong supporter of Monsanto in America which is one of the major issues resulting in massive bad heath conditions and cancer epidemic.
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According to Natural News, in a conference with the reporters, senior IRS official have clearly stated that they are not good at math. It revealed the shocking news that IRS was targeting the conservative crowds for the punitive audits during the election time, in 2012. Mr. Obama set America on an economical blowout, but who cares? No one knows math. Nobody seems to know the truth about GMO either, except for natural news enthusiasts, vegans and vegetarians. Lets get the word out about one of the greatest liars of our time:
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