Superbugs and unhygienic pool water infecting people across the U.S.

swim pool (3)
Superbugs have become a matter of concern for scientists across the United States. Natural News reports that drug companies that helped create the superbugs are now struggling to contain them. In fact, many of them have abandoned the research on developing new antibiotics that can counter the threats posed by superbugs. Though enough hope rests on colistin as it kills superbugs, the problem is that it also damages the kidney. Almost all antibiotics have been rendered useless against superbugs and anyone who gets infected with this bug has to suffer or die wither of the infection ort of the “cure.” More of this article is covered at .

It would be inept to think that superbugs are the only threat to the health of Americans. Seemingly harmless places are also now infested with elements that can make a person fall seriously sick. Take for example, the local swimming pools. The water in these pools is crystal clear and seems to be absolutely perfect for a leisurely swim, especially with the sky blue liner or background. But latest studies conducted by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention shows that the waters in most of the public pools are infested with E.coli bacteria. This indicates that swimmers regularly introduce urine and fecal matters into the water thus transmitting the bacteria to other swimmers, reports Natural News. Read more on this at .

However, it is not that hard to get a pool full of hygienic water. There are many water purification systems that can help in keeping the water in the pools safe and free of harmful bacteria like E.coli, without using harmful chemicals. These Purification systems are designed in such a way that they can be used to serve both domestic as well as commercial purposes. As a result, a large number of people are getting inclined towards installing these systems to have a hygienic swimming pool. Visit to know more on this topic.


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