Economic debacle continues in the U.S. while government tries to cover up

bernanke lies (2)
The U.S. economy is on the verge of collapse, but no matter how loudly you cry out this fact there are many people who are not going to believe you and would try to tag you as a liar. The federal government in the United States is in a debt of 16.2 trillion dollars, but it hardly matters to some as the Federal Reserve has been empowered with quantitative easing i.e. unlimited money creation in order to keeping buying up the debt of the U.S. However, in light of this simplistic and casual approach towards debt, Natural News raises a question regarding the relevance of taxes that Americans have to pay each year.

There are many top U.S. officials who say that the National Debt does not matter. Hence, the question is, if the debt does not matter at all, then what is the relevance of collecting taxes from hardworking Americans? There is no need of income tax at all if national debt is not a problem. Actually, the fact is the income tax is needed for ‘social engineering’ so that salaried people and small business firms can never dare to stop working. It is a method of oppression that has been in use for years and is now being implemented more vehemently than ever. Know more at .

In fact, the economy in the U.S. has become a rotten corner where almost everything is corrupted. Natural News reports that the financial giant JP Morgan has been found guilty of devising ‘manipulative schemes’. The Office of the Comptroller of Currency is now thinking of taking stark measures against the bank due to its role in collecting credit card debts in illegal manners. Eight federal agencies are currently investigating the bank’s records and practices and are likely to take steps if any incongruity is found, though the government has always been reluctant to take any step in the past. More of this news is at .


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