The U.S. Government running on hoaxes and cover-ups, freedom on the brink of extinction

pass the buck on gmo
It is quite clear that the U.S. government under the Obama administration has become nothing more than a matrix of hoaxes and cover-ups. Natural News reports that over the last few years the U.S. administration has become burdened with scandals and now there is no more cover-up possible. Right from the “Operation Fast and Furious” to the recent uproar over the IRS targeting the conservative and patriot groups in search of some tax exemption, from the Defense of Marriage Act to the death of the U.S. ambassador to Benghazi, the government has tried its best to cover-up the truth but has failed every time. Know more on these issues at

It is now opined that the killing of Osama Bin Laden is also a hoax. There are many reasons for such a doubt and for an ordinary American these reasons are not that hard to understand. Bin Laden was pronounced to be dead from time to time by different government officials all of whom had a reach to the top most level in the administration. Most of the sources reveal that Osama Bin Laden died as early as 2001 or 2002 but his death was only announced at the most politically correct moment. As the mysteries over the death of Osama continue, visit to have a detailed look at why it is called a hoax.

The U.S. government, having mastered the art of hoaxes and cover-ups, is now trying to curb the freedom of the U.S. citizens as well. The signing of the National Defense Authorization Act by the President indicates that no one is safe from the clutches of the government on American soil. The NDAA empowers the U.S. military to arrest, confine, torture and even kill an individual in the name of national security. If you want to know more on this horrifying story visit Natural News website .


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