American society on the verge of collapse as government grows more reckless

zombies sited in mexico
The “zombie apocalypse”, the worst nightmare of many Americans, seems to be coming true. Natural News reports that in Miami police shot down a seemingly insane man who was allegedly eating the flesh from the face of another person. After the attacker failed to stop in spite of being warned repeatedly, the policemen were forced to open fire eventually killing him. The victim was immediately subjected to medical care, however, his condition remains serious. This is a classic zombie scenario where people turn into mindless freaks and do such things that are unimaginable in normal life. It is probable that excessive use of toxic drugs and vaccines are responsible for such a situation. More of this is at .

In fact, over the last few years the American society has largely taken itself to the verge of collapse and the most vital part in this theater is being played by the U.S. government itself. There is nothing called freedom in America, though apparently it may seem that the U.S. is the freest of all nations. Natural News reports that police in Alabama did set up roadblocks in order to stop cars and ask for “voluntary” donation of blood and DNA samples from drivers and all this was done under the veil of medical experiments. Get a full view of the story at .

However, what else can be expected from a government that does not have even the minimum respect for freedom and liberty of the general people? The U.S. government already showed its true color by signing the National Defense Authorization Act or the NDAA, which is perfectly designed to send the revered Bill of Rights, the protector of personal liberty and freedom on American soil, to the grave. The NDAA allows the U.S. Army to arrest, confine, torture and even kill anyone who comes under suspicion of devising terror plots against the United States. Yet the definition of the term “suspicion” is so broad it could mean almost anything, especially to a paranoid and mafia-like government. Though, it may sound good, the truth is that it empowers the government to inflict violence on its citizens. Know more on this at


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