Jon Rappoport covers NSA and the DEEPEST SECRET of the whole operation; breaking news from Prison Planet and Natural News

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mike on info wars
Where do you get the truth about the War on Terror? Alternative Media. And where do you get the truth straight from the mouths of the greatest whistleblowers of our time? Alternative Media. Natural News, InfoWars and PrisonPlanet are all covering this latest revelation about the core of the government crisis, the Achilles heel of information.

If you work at a bank in America, security on the computers is pretty tight. Lots of passwords and critical information on people’s assets, some really huge assets, are at your fingertips. But if you’re an outside contractor who finds work at NSA for a month and you bring your thumb drive with you on the way out the door, you’ve got “asset” and strategy information on the control of information. You see, the NSA bans thumb drives, but this one got through ALL THE SECURITY LAYERS, and got out, with an outside contractor, who was really only at NSA for a month, one Mr. Ed Snowden.


What’s on Snowden’s thumb drive? Did he bring in a zip drive or a hard drive too? Is the CIA fighting with NSA over control of the whole world again? This is like the NBA finals, and it’s game 7!

“Still waiting to be uncovered? NSA spying to collect elite financial data, spying on the people who have that data: the major investment banks. NSA scooping up that data to predict, manipulate, and profit from trading markets all over the world.”



Are we supposed to believe the terrorists don’t know the U.S. Government is watching over the internet? Do Americans truly believe terrorists are likely to Facebook and Twitter and sign up for Gmail? This is like a Hollywood movie where the Feds are really dumb and you laugh because the bad guys are smarter than the FBI, like in “Die Hard” I with Bruce Willis. I can hear the terrorists now, “Dang dude, we shouldn’t have re-posted those videos on YouTube! Man, now they have our office address and your profile photo. We better go hide at Uncle JJ’s cave and use a black market laptop for awhile!”

However, being “tracked” makes Miss Alabama feel safe and secure, so since she’s a role model, all people should feel this way also. Accept Big Government. You should also accept them putting video camera’s in your bathroom, because the monsters might be hiding in there also. This is the war on terror my friends, the one where the Government can look up your butt and call it a patriot act.


“NSA is an open book. A book written by idiots. It cost a trillion dollars, but anyone could waltz in there and read the whole thing. Use a thumb drive, and you can also walk out with the whole thing.”

Wake up and smell the coffee, it’s brewing. This is Natural News coverage of possibly the most important event of the decade so far, so tune in to REAL Journalism with the facts and the exposure to make your own informed intelligent decisions about your own safety, health and “wealth!” You deserve your privacy and your Bill of Rights. This NSA whistle-blower has blown the lid off the whole corrupt system, so the masses can wake up and start voting for people like Ron Paul who actually care about your privacy, ending the IRS, nullifying the Patriot Act, and ending the senseless war!


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