The U.S. government seeks to control every aspect of public life

“Control” and “empowerment” are two such aspects whose contradiction is nowhere more evident than on American soil itself. There are more than a few people who are relentless in the efforts to control each and every aspect of the life of an American citizen, be it healthcare, be it agriculture or be it personal freedom, everything in the modern day U.S. is under attack by the power mongering, “control” propagandists. On the other hand there are some, like the ones at Natural News, who are trying their best to empower the common people so that they can live life independently. In order to know more about these people log on to .

The U.S. government’s zeal to control everything has found new dimensions in California where 15 IRS agents are reported to have seized 60 million medical records. A California based healthcare provider initiated a lawsuit stating that the IRS had grabbed very confidential and intimate information on names and health records of more than 10,000,000 Americans including Chief Executive Officers, sports personalities and even prominent celebrities. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is now investigating the case against the IRS which used a mere search warrant for obtaining the financial records of a former employee in order to execute the heinous crime. More of this story is at .

People need to have a way out:

The only way to get rid of the clutches of the power grabbers is to empower oneself and it is only possible through traditional ways. At Natural News online store anyone can get an array of natural products that are designed to keep the body and mind fit. These products are devoid of any toxic chemicals and can effectively reduce the dependence on the foods and medicines supplied by the government and multinational corporations. Visit the online store at .


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