The Language of BAD FOOD; how much more tricky could Big Food get?

gmo time (2)

Here it is folks! You asked for things to be simplified, so the shopping experience wouldn’t be so difficult. So you could buy “good for you” food and actually get good for you food! Natural News sums it up in this article very well. Think about it for a second,

What does iodized really mean? Does that mean radiated? Do spices like salt and garlic have dire health consequences? What does hydrolyzed mean? Does all natural mean anything good at all? Are there any safety or quality checks to use the words “all natural” for food products? What does whole wheat or whole grain imply? Plus, everyone touts olive oil as healthy, but what about empty calories, and a lot of them at that? Does “light” or “zero” mean diet food is better than conventional food? What the heck is ASPARTAME, SUCRALOSE AND SORBITOL? I BET YOU DON’T KNOW:

They are synthetic and GMO and they cause cancer! More questions to consider before you go shopping again: Are preservatives really food criminals, in other words, synthetic agents which give food a longer shelf life but destroy human cells? Does “for freshness” mean that the food preservatives are choking your mitochondria cells from getting oxygen? Do food agents that kill fungus or delay its onset in food actually kill humans? What should you know about preservatives, emulsifiers, caking agents, sodium benzoate, and other cell destroyers? How does the language of bad food sound so positive and fool so many consumers? If a food product is “enriched” does that mean it is actually dead food or cancer causing food? How could the word mean the opposite of its effect on the human body? If something is made with “real honey” does that mean honey from China which is toxic? Now I have you questioning your whole shopping process, don’t I?

I’ll give you the results and the research on all of this here: From “all natural” to “whole grains” and from “diet” “zero” and “light” to neurotoxic poisons that literally suffocate your cells and give you cancer. This is the best article on this yet. Jonathon Benson covers what you need to know to filter these food CRIMINALS out of your daily intake.
“The brainwashing language of ‘good for you’ foods that are actually bad for your health”

DON’T EAT CANCER: it’s as simple as that. Let’s look into this further with a book available at and Natural News via the Health Ranger Mike Adams:

This is the ORGANIC WAY OUT of tricky food and tricky medicine. Get the facts from natural news enthusiasts on line and bloggers who care about YOUR life and health. Share this information:

NATURAL NEWS TRACKER destroys the myths for health enthusiasts:


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