Is ADHD a FAKE disease/disorder? This is your update!

superbug planet
Multiple choice and fill in the blank tests lead to ADHD, whole disease may be fictitious

Kids have lots of energy. That’s natural. They’re smart too. They got adults figured out by the time they’re 4 or 5 years old. Give them interesting entertainment, including reading a good book aloud or talking about the world, nature, music and technology, and you have their attention, solid, focused, for hours. Then tell them to memorize 15 dates of random stuff that happened in history, and be able to list all 50 capitals of states in U.S., and then answer 100 fill in the blank questions which requires long division and how to spell words they’ll never use, you lose them really fast. Kids start looking out the window, wondering about life and how to live it. Kids start fidgeting, playing with balls of paper and flicking stuff across the room at each other, maybe even texting and starting little fights. Give a kid a boring book about lies of history, how Christopher Columbus was such a hero, and if you don’t memorize the names of the 3 boats he came in on, you fail the social studies test, or at least get a C or a D grade. Bad Johnny! Bad Emily! You can’t memorize crap and sit still for more than an hour, much less 6 hours a day. You need medication! Why do you have so much energy? It’s reckless, I tell ya!

Read about the big ADHD Hoax that’s been a brewin’ for a decade and a half! Big Pharma has 20 MILLION KIDS on drugs that can make things worse and NOT FIX the PROBLEM, the problem that doesn’t even exist!

Hey, let’s get rid of recess, the administrators say. That’s the only time these public school kids even have time to vent and release from the OBTUSE curriculum meant for elephants. Rote memory skills taught all day, from bell to bell. That breeds factory workers and trashmen, like the system wants. How about teaching critical thinking, discussion, strategies, and learning styles? Instead it’s all one way, one delivery, like Trivial Pursuit or the game show Jeopardy, and if you’re not good at that, and you don’t score high on SOL (“shxxt out of luck”) and SAT and standardized tests, well then, you don’t even pass, and you must need medication, because you can’t pay attention, and memorize the Ultra Important facts about fake history, and bad science, and a biased curriculum that keeps kids from critical thinking and punishes them for having constructive ideas, energy, and creative juices flowing ALL DAY.

SEE, that would just be too hard for teachers to grade, right? Wrong.

Natural News has this coverage of Big Pharma’s ADHD lie:
“Psychiatric profession all about generating obscene profits for Big Pharma”

Learn more:

“Father of ADHD Admitted in Final Interview That Disease Was “Fictitious”
“These were the words of Leon Eisenberg, the “scientific father of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder),” in his last interview before his death. Leon Eisenberg made a luxurious living off of his “fictitious disease,” thanks to pharmaceutical sales.”


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