Are TSA Agents now working for Pharmacists and giving breast exams? This just in from Natural News!

women w guns (2)
(Satire) It’s a TSA gropefest. No, it’s a licensed pharmacist giving a lump review feel up at his pharmacy “back” window. No, it’s a drive through breast exam franchise, like fast food, but it’s a fast cancer check with daily specials! No wait, I got it, there’s a radioactive breast exam you can get to check for cancer that gives you cancer, because people believe in stuff like that. They’re told it works. In the newspaper, it says so. And the TV news even did a piece on it. Yep.

Know your rights! Women are “fighting back”

Have you heard of the case of the NY city pharmacist. He’s offering a $40 million blood pressure test where he gets to feel up your breasts, as long as he desires, in his littly dirty dark “back room” pharmacy, and ladies, rumor’s out that he’s single, so it’s a two-fer one special!

This is not tabloids my fellow natural news enthusiasts, this is a real story:

Know your rights!

This is the “new normal” my friends. Check it out before they “check you out.”
You could be on the talk shows and tell your story about the TSA pharmacist, all while collecting millions in settlements to save (or ruin) companies reputations!

Lot’s of people just go to the airports now if they’re lonely. Just buy airfare to wherever you want to go, and bring stuff with you that sets off the radiation radar, and you get felt up for free at the airport.

More stories to check out on Natural News about the TSA GROPE-FEST!!!

— At Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, TSA agents found it necessary to grope a three-year-old wheel, chair-bound girl ( En route with her parents to Disney World in Orlando, Fla. for a family vacation, little Lucy Schulte began to cry as agents demanded to pat her down and “screen” her wheelchair.

— Karen Kaplan, a veteran journalist and assistant editor of the popular science journal Nature, was groped during an individual “security” search by a pair of TSA agents, one of whom placed her hand up Kaplan’s skirt in a highly inappropriate location. (

— Fox News host Geraldo Rivera complained in 2010 that he was “manually raped” by a TSA agent performing the infamous “pat down” procedure. He claimed the agent touched his junk, too. (

Know your rights! Learn more:


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