False choice – security or privacy? There is no balance or transparency in USA

Can you be extracted out of your home, with no warrant, by police and taken to a FEMA camp for re-education, right now, in 2013, under the new NSA national safety program of complete surveillance 24/7/365 of every American, even if you are not suspected of anything at all?

Is there a constitution anymore, or did Obama write new legislation to nullify all Bill of Rights, rights to privacy, rights to lawyer, jury, judge, phone call, and more?

When Obama says anything, just know and expect the opposite:

Transparency means you will see nothing, and know nothing, unless he gets caught.

National security means DHS rolling through your neighborhood with tanks and military swat teams pulling people out of their homes whenever they feel like it.

Patriot Act and NSA mean all phone calls and emails are monitored for extracting anyone who bucks the system.

Find out how you can be a part of natural news and remain an intelligent human being with rights and a constitution!

Natural News has this to say, “Since these disclosures, some U.S. lawmakers have actually objected to the NSA’s widespread surveillance and the FISA court’s overly broad “authorizations” and are offering up legislation aimed at “increasing the transparency” of the FISA court (though House and Senate intelligence oversight committees should already be requiring this). Such legislation would have to have overly broad support from both chambers of Congress to make it into law should it pass Obama will veto it.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040982_NSA_spy_data_Fourth_Amendment.html#ixzz2XWju5gou


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