In Natural Health News: Threats behind drugs/vaccines and actual helping hands for tornado victims

let the light in
The team from Natural News gets the golden opportunity to get behind a strong documentary film by Jeff C. Hays, who was also known for creating a film named Doctored. The new film by Jeff, Bought, is a hard hitting film which mainly deals with the dangers associated with pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Now, nearly 70 % of the U.S citizens are relying on drugs and prescribed medications. This is doing nothing apart from crippling them into entering a critical phase of their lives. Now, it is time to know the truth behind these drugs and if failed to do so, then people will get caught on the Sick Care System. Through this film, one can also make a small amount of donation in order to help the filmmakers reach their ultimate goal of making $150,000. The truth is that the making of this film will take nearly $750,000, but once it gets started, it will get done.
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According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control, vaccine is a combination of various ingredients like antibiotics, aluminum, formaldehyde, thimerosal, Monosodium Glutamate and similar other toxins. It has also been proven in National Toxicology Programs that vaccines might increase the level of mercury in blood, which is quite harmful.
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Other than spreading awareness, Natural News is also ready to help the tornado victims by providing them with organic food. In order to deliver the food fast and to the super-tornado victims, the editor is requesting for $10,000 in cash and food donation for those who are always ready to help. This donation comprises of maximum storable foods with organic preparedness which are solely manufactured at the store of Natural News. Some such food items are quinoa, whole pasta made out of pure wheat and more which are packed in ten steel cans so that the food can last long.
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Get behind something that makes a huge difference! Be organic and whole again. Help those in need. Make a film. Be heard. Your opinion matters a lot. Blog and talk to your loved ones about this.


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