Your sun vibration and organic living for the ultimate purpose

When certain transformations of body, mind and soul occur in humans, the sun changes the quality of the light it transmits, sending a different message to the human organ of the earth, and this, in turn, causes the whole of humanity to change. Humans are now gaining more clarity of purpose. The core of a human being is a personal ray of light in connection with the sun. Therefore, whatever happens in the single human is known by the sun through its light. From this we know that evolution of the whole human race is akin to the life of a single living being who transforms. Once we find our personal ray of light, we can shift our point of view to the sun and see the human race all at once. When we find that ray that connects us to the sun, we think without fear! Humans who can do this are prophets who point the way for others.

Natural News enthusiasts know that organic food transforms the body and mind into organic light, enabling and catapulting the human spirit towards enlightenment and longevity. That is why it is important for health advocates to continually educate themselves by tuning into the Health Ranger and his team of Journalists who are in relentless pursuit of food freedom, personal freedom, and the organic way of living. By reading articles posted to Natural News and clicking on research links provided, you and I can constantly be in touch with the ultimate knowledge and insight about organic ways of living, including safety, self sufficient living, and your rights to grow and sustain your own organic garden. Natural remedies and natural immunity to diseases and disorders can be fostered by understanding and appreciating indigenous herbs, tinctures, Superfoods and proven methods for prospering naturally, without Western medicine and GMO food that morphs the human DNA and wrecks our ability to stay pure and organic, the way Nature intended us to be.

Here’s a great link for starting and maintaining your own organic garden, whether you live in the city, the suburbs, the country, or wherever!

Here’s a great link about the dangers of GMO and what you can do to protect yourself against being fooled by a system that wants you sick and in need of expensive “health care”

Here’s a fantastic link about self-sufficiency and survival during even the toughest times, whether a natural disaster hits, a tornado, food shortage, drought, flooding or the like, you can prepare and protect your family with this insight and a program designed and invented by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger!

Read this: “As protests continues to grow in major cities worldwide, those who are paying attention know that a time of rioting and collapse is fast approaching. European banks are on the brink of default, and a collapse in Europe will drag the U.S. even more deeply into its own downward spiral of financial insolvency. How long can the system hold out before we see massive protests, riots and even a “second American revolution” begin to unfold? More importantly, how will you not only *survive* the inevitable disruptions in basic resources (water, electricity, heating oil, local law enforcement, etc.) but how will you THRIVE through any crisis and always come out ahead?”

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