You may have heard of “clean coal,” but have you heard of “clean horse burgers?”

gmo clown vomits
How do you make a horse burger legally (USDA approved) and serve it up in the United States? You kick a horse into a meat grinder in New Mexico, export it to Mexico, then import it right back home to USA, and use it as filler in some fast food joint, where pink slime, hooves and heads all taste the same. Slap on some special sauce, throw a little fad prize in the box and you got a “happy meal.” Will people know they’re eating horse? Who cares, right? People who eat fast food already know it’s bad for them, so what’s the difference, and according to the USDA, America needs to make the best of these diseased horses that cost “so much” to dispose of, especially for breeders, horse racers, or just family farms who can’t take care of their pet horse anymore, or it’s just too expensive to dig a hole in the farm land and bury. If you have a horse, and its dying of some unknown disease, you don’t even have to get it tested, just call the USDA and have it shipped to New Mexico; cargo fee paid by USDA! Why, because CAFO, confined animal feeding operations, will now include horses, and even though it’s not yet legal to serve up horseburgers in U.S. – nobody really inspects gelatin factories, or glue factories, or CAFO’s, and Obama surely isn’t going to spend a dime to protect food when he’s busy interviewing Monsanto lobbyists and CEOs for positions with the FDA and the USDA. He’s got bigger “fish to fry” or should we say, he’s got bigger “horses to fry.”

Gives a whole new meaning to USDA organic, right? Organic horses? Maybe Organic road kill will be next for the McRib sandwich; and we’ll call it the McRoadKill double stack!

Natural News has coverage of this atrocity: “The next burger you bite into might be a horsemeat burger, thanks to the U.S. government approving horse slaughterhouses to produce meat for human consumption. Valley Meat Co in Roswell, New Mexico, is being green-lighted by the USDA, which will routinely send inspectors to make sure it is slaughtering horses and processing horse meat in a “clean” way.”


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