Five BILLION connective tissue “patties” are eaten each year in United States, under the guise of “beef” burgers

connective tissue
Roll up some random animal tissues and damaged nerves in your hands and shape that raw “meat” into a ball, then press it firmly onto a cutting board or counter top until it is a thick flat circle, then drop onto grill or fry pan and sizzle until brown. That is the American Way to make what’s called a burger, and the taste can’t be mistaken, or can it?

Sprinkle on some MSG and garlic powder and they’ll never know the difference. Make sure the lazy carnivores have plenty of high fructose corn syrup pesticide laden ketchup, some more MSG in steak sauce, or some aspartame BBQ sauce and you’re golden, just like the arches. What to do with all that gelatin, hide and hooves, bones, cartilage and hormone-laden muscle tissue, besides throwing it into dumpsters for Golden Corral to pick up? Hey, just mince it with the ammonia laden pink slime, mix in some fluoridated water, and BAM! You got fast food connective tissue patties that, when seasoned well, taste just like a Fuddruckers burger, or Five Guys, or that hefty bar burger, but this time the results of eating toxins and depressed animal carcass could be far worse, and in the short term health realm! Read this:

“According to the data, amongst the eight fast food hamburger patties tested, meat content ranged between 2.1 and 14.8 percent, with an average of about 12.1 percent. This means that for a half-pound burger, less than one ounce of it is composed of actual meat, on average.” Natural News is reporting on this food tragedy and cover up:

“A true American meal pastime, hamburgers are consumed at a rate of about five billion patties annually in the U.S. Most people who eat hamburgers likely assume that those succulent patties grilled over an open flame are pure meat from cows.”
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Natural News enthusiasts want to know the answer to this question:

Is sacrificing your health on the altar of convenience really worth it?

And how do restaurants take care of the connective tissue patties when the food inspectors come around?? This is how! Watch this whistleblower video of a man who says he works and Golden Corral, probably not any more I’m sure, where he shows how his higher ups hide the nasty chem.-laden raw meat and gravy next to the trash compactor and dumpster where the flies and maggots don’t care if there’s BACTERIA AND AMMONIA IN THE PINK SLIME TISSUE, in fact, they help breed it.

“These could be worst-case restaurants being managed by incompetent personnel who willfully violate food safely laws and regulations. Then again, on the other hand these photos might only scratch the surface of far worse horrors lurking in the kitchens of restaurants everywhere.”

GET YOUR 5 BILLION maggot and road kill sludge patties RIGHT HERE:

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