New automated driving and flying “pilots” ridiculously dangerous, but people LOVE technology!

robot driver (2)
Hey, did you hear about the new cars that parallel park for you?? Did you hear about the new cars that actually drive for you? Did you hear about the jumbo jet airplanes that are flown by computers and that land all by themselves – ya – it’s great, they don’t even train pilots to fly anymore, all they have to do is operate the computer!

A couple other questions before we get into this one: Don’t you hate it when your computer crashes or you lose your internet connection all of the sudden, and there’s nothing you can do about it, except wait? Also, don’t you hate it when your smart phone “butt dials” someone or sends messages to the wrong people, or logs onto a site you didn’t even click on? Sometimes computers get viruses or they simply malfunction. It’s nice to know you can actually go “manual” and still drive a car or know your pilot knows how to fly a plane. Consider this more. Now imagine you’re being “driven” by your “awesome” smart car, which senses danger and slams on the brakes for you, or swerves out of the way of animals on the road – isn’t that just the coolest thing in the world? Do you feel really lazy now? Do you feel worried? What if that animal coming into the computer’s “vision” is a squirrel, do you really want to take a chance of swerving into oncoming traffic and experiencing a HEAD ON COLLISION with another vehicle, just to save that poor squirrel? Then imagine you’re being “flown” in a plane by a computer, which knows how to take off, fly at 500 miles per hour, and land precisely where other computers tell it to land, and precisely WHEN other computers tell it to land. Isn’t that the coolest thing in the whole world! Heck, you can just sit back with the real pilot and co-pilot in first class and have some cocktails and peanuts and laugh it up while you sail the friendly skies. Yippeee. But wait, what’s that? Did you hear that? The lightning storm just killed the computers, or was it a hacker? Maybe that kid in the back of the plane who was texting after the stewardess (waitress in the sky) told him to turn off “all electrical devices.”

Now the plane could be crashing because the drunk pilots, even if they were sober, can’t fly a plane, or land it without the computer. Plus, the computers instructing them when, how and where to land are on a VERY TIGHT BUDGET, so your flight will probably be flying way to fast during the approach to the runway, and will probably be loaded with WAY too much freight, and will probably be relying 100% on computers. Still want to buy that car that drives for you? Maybe you should stick with your beater car, and just drive yourself to your next business or vacation destination. After all, you’re not completely helpless when technology fails, you can still walk, talk, and tie your shoes, right?

Natural News covers real life events that affect you:
“Exclusive: San Francisco jetliner crash caused by airlines turning pilots into ‘computer geeks who can’t fly’ says commercial pilot”
Learn more:
Some pilots get licenses to fly but never even learn how to land a plane at all; didn’t you hear about 9/11?


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